Crooked Hallelujah

Crooked Hallelujah


Crooked Halleluhja

von Kelli Jo Ford

Crooked Hallelujah
Crooked Hallelujah © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Foto: Sabine Fikau-Haver

Strong women. Strong beliefs. Four generations. Struggling hard.

Eine Empfehlung von Sabine Fikau-Haver aus der Zentralbibliothek: The story starts in the mid-seventies and circles around 15-year-old Justine. She grows up in an evangelical environment. Lula, her mother, follows the strict rules of her church’s community. It is Granny who reliably provides a home, a family and heritage. This helps Justine raise her baby girl, Reeney. Their “paradise” is Indian Country, Oklahoma. Justine wants her daughter to grow up strong and free.

Years later, when Reeney, grown up and urban intellectual, returns to her mother, Justine has changed from freedom-loving to close-minded. How will Reeney respond, how strong are family bonds?

This novel runs deep. We can follow these women of the First Nation and their challenges of poverty and opportunity, resilience and endurance. We can witness America’s society change and separate.

>> The prose is full of livid pictures, a close-up of the acting characters, though sparse with direct speech. For us as readers, this leaves space to explore the inner workings and develop a strong relation with the main characters.

Kelli Jo Ford
Grove Press

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