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Struwwelpeter Museum

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Struwwelpeter Museum/ Heinrich-Hoffmann Museum

Struwwelpeter © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Photo: Nicole Brevoord

The world of shock-headed Peter and his author comes to life in Frankfurt’s new Old Town. It was not far from here that Heinrich Hoffmann wrote the famous picture book as a Christmas present for his three-year-old son in 1844. Books, parodies kitsch and art trace the success story of the international long seller. Grown-ups will get to know the versatile, humorous Dr. Hoffmann as a doctor, psychiatrist and engaged citizen. There is much for children to discover in the story islands and the game path. And everyone can dress up as a figure from the Struwwelpeter book in the theatre room.


Heinrich Hoffmann’s dice game “Mr. Fix von Bickenbach’s journey around the world in 77 days” with its lovingly drawn miniatures provides funny insights into the world around 1880.

Hinter den Lämmchen 2-4
60311 Frankfurt am Main