Höchst Porcelain Museum

Höchst Porcelain Museum

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Höchst Porcelain Museum

Centrepiece spice container © Historisches Museum Frankfurt am Main , Photo: Uwe Dettmar

The Porcelain Museum Frankfurt presents the most extensive publicly accessible collection of Höchst faiences and porcelain. Since 1994, as a branch of the Historical MuseumInternal Link, the museum has been housed in the glorious townhouse of the Kronberg family built between 1577 and 1580. The permanent exhibition “Höchste Güte und barocke Zier / Quality from Höchst and Baroque Ornamentation” tells the story of the old Höchst porcelain manufacturer (Höchster Porzellan Manufaktur) from 1746 to the present day. A highlight of the museum is the Kurt Bechtold collection with its porcelain figures and tableware with delicate dark purple flower and bird paintings by renowned artist from Höchst.


Fine porcelain is a symbol of luxury and sophistication to this day. The exhibits at the museum tell the story of dining culture and porcelain as a status symbol.


Municipal museum of the City of Frankfurt

Free admission for children and young persons under 18

Bolongarostraße 152
65929 Frankfurt am Main
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