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Deutsches Romantik-Museum

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Deutsches Romantik-Museum

Deutsches Romantik-Museum, Photo: Alexander Paul Englert
Deutsches Romantik-Museum © Freies Deutsches Hochstift, Photo: Alexander Paul Englert

Deutsches Romantik-Museum uses multimedia exhibitions to present unique originals, allowing visitors to experience the Romantic era as a key period in German and European history. In dialogue with the neighbouring Goethe-House and the art gallery of Goethe’s times, it will showcase manuscripts, prints, paintings, and articles of daily use, allowing visitors to experience Goethe in a new light. The collection comprises a wide range of items, including some belonging to people such as Novalis, the Brentano siblings, and Joseph von Eichendorff.


The manuscript, dating from 1835, is a particularly fascinating item from the collection of manuscripts. Here, Joseph von Eichendorff composed one of the most often-quoted poems in German Romanticism, his “Wünschelrute”.


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