Promotion of the Exchange with Partner Cities

Promotion of the Exchange with Partner Cities

International Affairs

Promotion of the Exchange with Partner Cities

Town twinning depends on people meeting each other. For this reason, the City of Frankfurt am Main supports group exchanges under certain conditions.

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What is generally supported?
Exchange visits by groups from Frankfurt (e.g. clubs, schools or other social groups, excluding those with commercial interests) in exchange with organized groups from the partner cities. The visits are reciprocal and include free accommodation and meals in host families wherever possible.

What grants1 are available?
If you meet the requirements, you will receive...

... when visiting the partner city
General exchange: up to 1/4 of travel costs2
Student exchanges: up to 1/3 of travel costs2,3

...for a return visit from the partner city to Frankfurt am Main
General exchange:

  • One time per exchange € 20,- per person as an earmarked grant for the visit programme
  • Guided city tour

Student and youth exchange3:

  • One time per exchange € 35,- per person as an earmarked grant for the visit programme
  • Guided city tour

1 Subject to budget availability, no legal entitlement.
2 Limited to the maximum amount of funding.
3 Exchanges from Frankfurt schools and educational institutions and those in which at least 75% of the participants are under 18 years of age receive the increased funding.

How do I get the funding?

The Frankfurt exchange partner applies for funding using a form and writing to the International Affairs Office at least four weeks before the trip.

The following must also be submitted:
For trips to the partner city:

  • Visit programme
  • List of participants
  • Invitation from the partner organisation
  • Financial plan
  • Offer for inexpensive transport

And for return visits to Frankfurt am Main:

  • Visit programme
  • Participant list of the guests
  • Invitation to the partner organisation
  • Financial plan
  • After the trip, the applicant must submit a proof of use (Verwendungsnachweis). Please check the German siteInternal Link for the document.

No partner group yet?

Write to us. We will be happy to help you find a partner organisation for your group exchange in the partner city.

All forms and the complete funding guidelines can downloaded on the German websiteInternal Link.


Guests from twin towns get free entry here:

  • Ice Rink (Eissporthalle)
  • Goethe House (Goethe-Haus)
  • Kaisersaal in the Römer City Hall (Rathaus)
  • Art exhibitions in the Steinernes Haus
  • All municipal museums
  • Palm Garden (Palmengarten)
  • Senckenberg Natural History Museum (Senckenberg Naturmuseum)

Only for visitor groups as part of the school and club exchange programme after prior registration with the International Affairs Office:

  • Städel Museum
  • Municipal swimming pools (except Höchst indoor swimming pool)
  • Frankfurt Zoo

The partner cities are: Birmingham, Budapest, Deuil-La Barre, Dubai, Eskişehir, Granada (Nicaragua), Guangzhou, Cairo, Krakow, Leipzig, Lyon, Milan, Philadelphia, Prague, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Yokohama.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Guests must be able to identify themselves as residents of the respective partner city with an official photo ID.

As of 2017, children and young people under the age of 18 are generally admitted free of charge to these institutions of the City of Frankfurt am Main:

  • Archaeological Museum (Archäologisches Museum)
  • Caricatura Museum
  • German Architecture Museum (Deutsches Architekturmuseum)
  • Hindemith Cabinet
  • Historical Museum (Historisches Museum)
  • Icon Museum (Ikonen-Museum)
  • Institute of City History (Institut für Stadtgeschichte)
  • Jewish Museum (Jüdisches Museum)
  • Young Museum (Junges Museum)
  • Museum of Applied Arts (Museum Angewandte Kunst)
  • Judengasse Museum
  • Porcelain Museum (Porzellan Museum)
  • Museum of World Cultures (Weltkulturen Museum)

From 1 February 2019, all children and young people up to their 15th birthday swim for free in all Frankfurt indoor and outdoor swimming pools.