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Visit programme

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Visit programme of the City of Frankfurt am Main

... for children and grandchildren of Jewish and politically or religiously persecuted former citizens of Frankfurt.

Group photo in front of the Jewish Museum
Group photo in front of the Jewish Museum © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Photo: N.N.

The City of Frankfurt am Main has been running a programme since 1980 aimed at allowing former Frankfurt citizens, including those of Jewish descent and/or those who suffered political or religious persecution, to visit the city. Over the last 30 years or more, around 3,500 people from all over the world have returned to visit their own (or their parents' or grandparents') former home city of Frankfurt am Main.

The programme is aimed at all those (including themselves, their parents or grandparents) who suffered persecution during the National Socialist regime and were forced to leave Frankfurt am Main. If you or your parents or grandparents are former Frankfurt citizens as described above and would like to visit your/their hometown to search for traces of the past and get to know modern-day Frankfurt with its democratic society and culture, this page contains all the relevant information about the programme. Please note the application requirements for our visit programme. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding the visit programme.

General information on the visit programme

Based on a decision by the City Council, the children and grandchildren of former Frankfurt citizens are invited to visit their parents' home city. This visit programme is organised once a year. On behalf of the City Government of the City of Frankfurt am Main and the Municipal Parliament of the City of Frankfurt am Main, the city invites about 25 guests to spend time in Frankfurt am Main, their parents' or grandparents' former home.

The City of Frankfurt am Main covers the following costs:

  • Reimbursement of fares for the invited individual*
  • Overnight stay including breakfast
  • Supporting programme with reception, cultural events, etc.
  • Tickets for the public transport network in the Frankfurt city zone


* Due to legal requirements, your reimbursement of fares is an administrative decision. Therefore and in order to handle public money responsibly and efficiently, we are required by law and regulation to base the administrative decision (stating your reimbursement sum) on the basis of your actual fares as well as an upper bound of the reimbursement. Therefore, a copy or scan of your actual travel fares (e.g. plain, ship or train tickets) is required. Afterwards—and only upon receiving your actual travel expanses in regards to fares—the amount of your reimbursement can be calculated. This procedure is dictated by the Allgemeinen Richtlinien für die Gewährung Städtischer Zuwendungen (General Regulation On Granting Municipal Subsidies). Your reimbursement is going to be wired to the account you specified to us after you received an official invitation of the City of Frankfurt am Main (variations in requirement are possible due to the international / national / local regulatory requirements in the area of monetary transactions).

Registration for the visit Programme

Your parents or grandparents must have been born in Frankfurt am Main and have emigrated from the city during the National Socialist regime.

Those who belong to the defined group of people and who wish to register should fill in and sign the registration form and then send it to the City of Frankfurt am Main. Please enclose suitable proof of identity and origin (e.g. copy of identity card stating place of birth, or certificate of descent) with your registration. We will assess your entitlement to participate in the visit programme based on the information you provide. The date of registration and the year of birth are the main criteria for the order of the invitation.

Registrations can be sent either as a scan via e-mail to visitprogramme@stadt-frankfurt.deInternal Link or via mail to:

Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Referat für internationale Angelegenheiten
Sandgasse 6
60311 Frankfurt am Main


The address and any other personal data submitted in the registration will be stored in an automatically generated file exclusively for the purpose of providing further support. No data will be passed to third parties unless this has been explicitly consented to

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