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Dialogue Museum

An exhibition to discover the unseen

Foyer of the Dialogue Museum with display in the foreground and woman behind the reception counter as well as the museum's lettering, Photo: Constantin Urban
Foyer of the Dialogue Museum © MESO, Photo: Constantin Urban

Blind or visually impaired guides lead the visitors in small groups through a course in absolute darkness. The visitors discover different everyday situations in a new way, e.g. a walk in the park, a stroll through the city or a visit to a café. 


In this darkness the sighted are blind and the guides become the sighted experts and ambassadors of a culture without pictures. This results in a unique change of roles: the senses are sharpened, a dialogue is initiated.


The DialogMuseum is a museum where there is nothing to see, but everything to discover!


For more information, visit DialogueMuseumExternal Link.

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