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Transport Museum Frankfurt am Main

Verkehrsmuseum Schwanheim
Transport Museum Frankfurt am Main- Verkehrsmuseum © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Photo: Stefan Maurer

The “Knochenmühle" ("Bone Grinder") is a favourite among fans. This is the nickname given to the tram between Frankfurt and Offenbach, because it once shook passengers to their marrow. Admirers can have a look at the original from 1884 in the Transport Museum Frankfurt am Main (Verkehrsmuseum Frankfurt am Main) of the Frankfurt Transport Authority (Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt), located in the Schwanheim district. “From the Horse-Drawn Tram to the Modern Age” is the name of the permanent exhibition in the two historical train halls of the former Frankfurt logging railroad authority. On the tour, there are 30 original vehicles, ranging from horse-drawn trams from 1872 to standard trams of all models and generations, and from old-time omnibuses to the vehicles of the present day. A steam engine and an equipment car with supplies round off the technological nostalgia tour. 


All of the models are original and restored in loving detail. Many can also be admired from the inside. And in the tram car at the children’s driving school visitors can try out everything a tram driver needs to master. Signs, signal systems and an old waiting hall are also part of the exhibition. The overview of the history of public municipal transport in Frankfurt is completed with historical network plans, old uniforms worn by city railway and bus staff and a complete collection of all the different driving licenses ever issued in Frankfurt.

Rheinlandstraße 133
60529 Frankfurt am Main