Commerzbank Tower

Commerzbank Tower

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Commerzbank Tower

Blick von der Berliner Straße auf den Commerzbankturm
Commerzbank Tower © Stadt Frankfurt, Photo: Stefan Maurer

With a height of almost 260 metres, the Commerzbank Tower is the highest office building in Europe. A feature that makes the building unusual throughout the world is its framework construction, which allows the integrated tower gardens to be stretched over the upper levels without support. Each of these “green lungs” features a different type of vegetation (Mediterranean, Asian, etc.). 

At the same time, the gardens are part of a special ventilation system; a double-shell climate façade encloses the glass tower. Through openings in the outer shell, fresh air enters the space in the façade, while the windows of the inner shell can be closed or opened individually by the employees.

  • Building owner: Alpha/Beta, Dr. Gubelt Objekt Frankfurt KG

  • Architect: Foster Associates Architects

  • Construction period: 1994-1997

  • Construction: Steel-reinforced concrete frame construction, non-bearing aluminium and glass façade

  • Gross floor area: 109,200 square metres

  • Floors: 50

  • Height: 258.7 metres

  • Use: Bank building
Große Gallusstraße 17
60311 Frankfurt am Main