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Department of Women's Affairs

For a life based on equal rights, independence and freedom from violence

Women in Frankfurt

Women account for 51% of the total population in our city, half of them migrants.

Ever since 1989, the Department for Women's Affairs has worked to ensure that the women of Frankfurt enjoy the same opportunities and prospects in all areas of society as men.

The Department for Women's Affairs

The role of the Department for Women's Affairs is to create equal life chances and job prospects. In future, any Frankfurt resident, whether female or male, should be able to live a life characterised by freedom from violence, by independence and by equality of opportunity. Our strategies to achieve this goal are promoting women, gender diversity and gender mainstreaming.

We take a stand. We campaign. We speak out.

To ensure public recognition and debate of concepts and topics touching on women's rights and gender politics, our PR activity spans numerous channels: campaigns, meetings, events. We fund around 30 women’s' institutions and projects in Frankfurt, maintaining and improving the women’s' rights infrastructure in Frankfurt.

Every two years we issue the “Frauen-Guide” (women's guide) containing over 300 addresses so that everyone knows where they can turn to and what's on in Frankfurt.

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