Curriculum vitae (engl.)

Curriculum vitae (engl.)

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Curriculum vitae Peter Feldmann (engl.)

Born in 1958 in Helmstadt, Peter Feldmann is the Lord Mayor of the City of Frankfurt am Main. He holds a degree in political science and social sector economics. He has lived in Frankfurt from the time he was two years old, interrupted only by a one-year job assignment in Israel from 1979 to 1980.

The positions Mr. Feldmann has held professionally and politically are characterized by a desire to take charge and assume responsibilities. For many years, he has been an advocate for international openness and tolerance. Key areas of involvement include his work with children and youths, safeguarding the quality of life of the elderly, and care for the unemployed.

He worked as a lecturer at the Management Institute for Politics, History, and Constitutional Law for many years. In 1988, he became the Managing Director of the youth organization “Die Falken”, which is close to the Social Democratic Party (SPD), this gave him an opportunity to work with young adults. Over the next six years, he served as head of the Training and Youth Center in Frankfurt’s Bonames district, with a special focus on certification programs for disadvantaged youth.
Starting in 1996, he worked as primary consultant for the Joint Welfare Association, helping to design its basic strategy. In particular, he played a major role in ensuring that, in the future, local authorities would be able to make decisions in a decentralized manner on sociopolitical issues. In 2008, he took over as the Managing Director of the “Kurt-Steinbrecher-Haus” assistance center for the elderly. In this position, his area of emphasis was the welfare of seniors and expanding the services offered by homes for the elderly, such as collaboration with hospitals as well as the improved and reliable availability of services to senior citizens.

Peter Feldmann joined the SPD party already at the age of 16 to commit himself to our society’s fundamental issues. From 1989 to 2012, he served as City Councilor on Frankfurt am Main’s City Council, on which he served as the Chairman of the Steering and Finance Committee for many years. He was also on the Committee for Health and Social Affairs, and held the position of party spokesman for youth and social affairs. He has been an SPD party executive since 1993 and served as his party’s deputy chairman from 2004 until he took office as Lord Mayor in 2012.

In a run-off election, Feldmann was elected Lord Mayor of the City of Frankfurt am Main on March 25, 2012. He assumed office as Lord Mayor on July 1, 2012. On March 11, 2018 Peter Feldmann was confirmed with 70.8 percent of the vote in his office for another six years.

Feldmann is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board for Messe Frankfurt GmbH, the Alte Oper Frankfurt Konzert- und Kongresszentrum GmbH, the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt am Main GmbH, the ABG Frankfurt Holding and has been a member of Fraport AG’s Supervisory Board since August 2012.

Based on his areas of emphasis, Lord Mayor Feldmann continues to support various Frankfurt-based organizations dedicated to assisting youths, the unemployed, and the elderly.
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