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Social housing

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Procurement of social housing, housing for senior citizens and housing according to special subsidy programmes

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Adickesallee 67-69
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Service description

We, the staff of the Housing Provision Department of the Housing Office (“Wohnraumversorgung des Amtes für Wohnungswesen”), are your point of contact if you are looking for a publicly subsidised flat or want to move into a flat that is suitable for senior citizens or people with disabilities.


You can register with us using our Social housing application (German only) (pdf , 916KB)Download Link. Simply fill it out online before sending it to us by post. We will check whether you are eligible to move into a publicly subsidised flat. This depends, among other things, on your income, your current housing situation, and your ties to the City of Frankfurt – for example, whether you have a job here.


Once we have found a flat that suits you, we will notify you and the relevant landlord. Due to the fact that there are many more applicants than available social housing in Frankfurt, it can unfortunately take some time before we can make you a proposal.


Families with a higher income are welcome to contact our colleagues of the “FairmietenExternal Link” (fair rent) campaign (available in German only).

Required documents

In all cases, please enclose the following documents with your application:

  • proof of income for all persons living in your household,
  • a tax assessment notice for the last calendar year,
  • your current tenancy agreement and
  • the residence permit (“Aufenthaltserlaubnis”) of all persons.

On the last page of the application, you will find further documents that we may need.

What else should I know

If you are interested in a senior citizen’s flat or a flat suitable for the disabled, you can reach us at (069) 212 38350.

Counselling is provided in German. If you feel like your German is not good enough, please remember to have an interpreter by your side who can assist you during counselling.