Housing and Building Defects

Housing and Building Defects

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Housing and Building Defects

Have you rented a flat in Frankfurt? Does your flat have any defects? Have you spoken to your landlord and he or she hasn’t helped you?
Then come to the Housing Inspectorate (“Wohnungsaufsicht”)!


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Is there any damage in your flat?

The flat and the apartment building should be damage-free. This is the landlord’s responsibility. If you have a problem with your flat, talk to your landlord first. He or she must take care of any damage in your flat or apartment building.

If your landlord does not make any repairs to the apartment building or to your flat and you have, for example:

  • broken windows
  • a heating system that does not work or does not get warm properly
  • broken sockets or power lines
  • problems with the toilet, sink, bathtub, shower
  • damage to the wall, in the flat or on the outside of the residential building
  • damage in the hallway or staircase
  • mould, large water stains, damp walls due to a leaking roof, leaking water or sewage pipes.

Talk to us. We will ask your landlord to carry out the necessary repairs.

Is your flat very old?

Is it missing, for example:

  • electricity or heating
  • water, toilet, bath
  • ventilation and lighting
  • thermal and sound insulation, or insulation against moisture

Talk to us. We will check whether we can help you.

Is your home damp or do you have mould in your home?

Mould is very unpleasant. Stains from mould on the wall are not only unattractive, it can also cause damage to the wall and affect your health. For more information, see the section "What else should I know".

Required documents

Let us know what your problem is. Describe how big the damage or how difficult the problem is. Please also send us your rental contract and photos of the problem.

What else should I know

Please note: The following information sheets are available in German only:

Information sheet on dampness and mould growth in living spaces (German only) (pdf , 121KB)Download Link

Information sheet on the right way to heat and ventilate (German only) (pdf , 116KB)Download Link

Information sheet on removing mould contamination the professional way (German only) (pdf , 110KB)Download Link

Counselling is provided in German. If you feel like your German is not good enough, please remember to have an interpreter by your side who can assist you during counselling.