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Rent Index – "Mietspiegel" – of the City of Frankfurt

You live in a rented flat? You would like to know whether your rent is reasonable? You want to know by how much your rent may be increased?
This is where the rent index of the City of Frankfurt can help.

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Service description

Many people in the city of Frankfurt live in rented flats. There are legal regulations for the amount of rent you pay for your flat. We can help you find out which legal regulations apply and whether the rent is reasonable.


What rules apply?

Existing tenancy: If you live in a rented flat, the rent can be increased by the landlord at regular intervals – regardless of the amount of rent initially agreed upon in the tenancy agreement. Among other things, an upper limit must be observed. This is the local comparative rent ("ortsübliche Vergleichsmiete"). The new rent may not be higher than the local comparative rent.


New tenancy: If you move into a new rented flat, there is also an upper limit for the rent. In Frankfurt, this upper limit may not be 10% more than the local comparative rent. This is the so-called “rent brake” (“Mietpreisbremse”).


There are many other rules that apply to tenancy law. We will be happy to advise you on whether all the rules are being observed. To do this, we use the rent index, which can be used to calculate the local comparative rent for most flats in Frankfurt.

Required documents

You need to know how much rent you pay each month. You can find this info in your tenancy agreement – or, in the case of a new tenancy – in the draft tenancy agreement or the flat advertisement.


If it’s about a rent increase, you also need the written notice of rent increase from your landlord. In addition, you need to know how big your flat is (in square metres).


You can determine the local comparative rent yourself. To do this, you can purchase a printed version of the rent index for Frankfurt or download it here (available in German only):


Rent Index Frankfurt 2022 (pdf , 9671KB)Download Link


In addition, we offer an online tool to determine the local comparative rentInternal Link (available in German only).