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Would you like to live in a group? Is mutual support important to you? Would you like to have a say in how you live? You think housing should not be too expensive?
We are happy to advise you on cohousing!

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Why cohousing?

In recent years, more and more people want to live together in a group. Those who reside together are not alone and can help each other. The city benefits from this, because these groups help each other and their neighbourhood. They also take care of the houses they live in.


Would you like to learn more about cohousing?

We help you find people who also want to live in housing projects and know what it takes to do so. Once a year, we organise the “Frankfurt Information Exchange for Cohousing and Cooperative Living” (“Frankfurter Informationsbörse für gemeinschaftliches und genossenschaftliches Wohnen”). People and groups who already live communally or would like to live communally in the future meet there. At this meeting, you can get a lot of important information about housing projects and cohousing. Here, you can also meet other people who would also like to live communally.


The City of Frankfurt has been working closely with the Network Frankfurt for Cohousing (“Netzwerk Frankfurt für gemeinschaftliches Wohnen”) for several years. The network is an association that has an advice centre in the building of the Housing Office (“Amt für Wohnungswesen”). The advice centre helps you if you have any questions about cohousing.


How do I find a plot of land or a house?

Groups that want to build a house to live in together often spend a long time looking for a plot of land. Therefore, it is possible for cohousing projects to apply for plots or houses with their ideas in concept tendering procedures ("Konzeptverfahren"). The housing project with the best idea for cohousing can then implement their concept.


The City Council ("Stadtverordnetenversammlung") has also decided that there should be more housing projects in new neighbourhoods. Therefore, housing projects with the best ideas for cohousing are given a plot of land in new neighbourhoods on which to build.