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A notarisation confirms that the original and the copy are identical. This does not certify the authenticity, validity or content of the original.

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Citizens' Office

Please contact a Citizens' OfficeInternal Link ("Bürgeramt") in Frankfurt, regardless of where you live in Frankfurt am Main.

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Service description

We can officially notarise the following:


  • Photocopy of a document

Please note that we can only photocopy and certify complete documents and not extracts.


  • Signature

The document must be signed in front of our clerks. Signatures without accompanying text cannot be certified.


  • Photograph

The identity is confirmed on the back of the photo or on a sheet of paper.


We make a copy of your original at the Citizens' Office, which we certify with seal and signature.

If you bring your own copy, we compare it with the original and certify it. Due to this additional work, the fees will increase in this case. We, therefore, recommend that you have the copy made by us.

The preparation of a notarisation usually takes only a few minutes. However, depending on the number of pages of the documents to be certified, the processing time can vary.

If more than ten notarisations are required, we reserve the right to arrange a collection (without an appointment) with you for the following days for time-saving and organisational reasons. We are also happy to send you the documents by post.


At the Citizens' Office, we can issue official notarisations if:

  • the original was issued by a German authority
  • or the copy is required for submission to a German authority.


We cannot provide you with a notarisation if this is reserved for another authority or requires a public notarisation:

  • With German civil status documents (e.g. birth certificates or marriage certificates),
    you can apply for a certified copy at the Registry Office ("Standesamt") where the civil status case was registered.
  • Documents or signatures pertaining to family and inheritance law, association- and other register matters or notarisations relating to land registry cases.
    You can obtain these notarisations from a local courtInternal Link or public notaryExternal Link .


Documents cannot be notarised if they are incomplete or have been altered (e.g. missing pages, strike-throughs, changes to the document, stapling open).

Required documents

Notarisation of a document

  • Document to be certified, in original
  • Optional: own copies


Notarisation of a signature

  • Document on which the signature or the hand-written note is to be notarised
  • Proof of identity (e.g. identification card, passport)
  • Meeting in person necessary


Notarisation of a photograph

  • Photograph to be notarised, in original
  • Proof of identity (e.g. identification card, passport)
  • Meeting in person necessary


  • Notarisation of a document (copy made by the Citizens' Office): € 3.00 per document and € 0.30 for each copied page
  • Notarisation of a document (own copy): € 6.00 per document up to 10 pages (€ 0.60 per additional page over 10 pages)
  • Notarisation of a signature/photograph: € 6.00 per signature/photograph

Payments can be made in cash or by card (girocard/debit card).

What else should I know?

There may be additional requirements for use abroad. Please obtain the relevant information on an “International Deed Transfer” ("Internationaler Urkundenverkehr"), for example, on the website of the Federal Foreign Office External Link("Auswärtiges Amt").