Deregistration of residence

Deregistration of residence

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Deregistration of residence

If you move out of a residence in Frankfurt and do not move into a new residence in Germany, you have to deregister within two weeks.

See below for detailed information.


Citizens' Office

Please contact a Citizens' OfficeInternal Link ("Bürgeramt") in Frankfurt, regardless of where you live in Frankfurt am Main.


You can deregister a secondary residence online (online service).


You have to deregister your sole or main residence in person (make an appointment onlineExternal Link) or in writing (see more under "Procedure").

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Service description

If you have moved out of a residence in Frankfurt am Main and have not moved into a new residence in Germany, you must deregister within two weeks.


This applies to the following situations:

  • you move abroad
  • you no longer have a permanent residence
  • you are giving up a secondary residence without replacement (online service)


You do not have to deregister if you move within Germany. This applies to the registration of both main and secondary residences. It is sufficient to register with the competent authority of your new place of residence. They will inform us that you have moved.


1) Visit in person

You go in person to one of our Citizens' Offices and present a valid identification document. We will record your deregistration data, deregister you and issue a deregistration confirmation. It is also possible for a representative to attend the appointment, if a power of attorney and a valid identity document of the authorised person are presented.


2) In writing

You send us a written deregistration including a copy of a valid identification document. You can either use a Deregistration form (pdf , 600KB)Download Link (German only) or submit an informal application (including your surname, first name, full address in Frankfurt am Main, the date you moved out and your new address abroad [if available]).

Once you have deregistered, we will send your deregistration confirmation by post to the address of your choice in Germany or abroad. The time of delivery may vary depending on the destination address.

Please note that deregistration confirmations may not be sent by e-mail or fax for data protection reasons.


3) Online (only for secondary residences)

You can deregister a secondary residence online (online service). The deregistration confirmation will be sent to you by mail.


You are at least 16 years old.



The deregistration of a family (spouse, registered partner, children) can be done independently by a family member aged 16 or older who is moving out.


Minors up to the age of 16:

The deregistration of minors under the age of 16 is the responsibility of the housing provider, i.e. the person from whose residence the minor is moving out (usually the parents).


Persons under care:

Guardians who have the right to determine the residence of the person being cared for can deregister the cared-for person by presenting the power of attorney (original) and their own identification document (and, if available, the identification document of the person being cared for).

Required documents

1) Visit in person:

  • Identification documents of all persons involved (see "Prerequisites”)
  • In representation: written power of attorney and identification document OR informal deregistration or Deregistration form (pdf , 600KB)Download Link and identification document; if applicable, power of attorney for guardianship ("Betreuungsvollmacht").


2) Written application:


Deregistration and the first issue of the deregistration confirmation are free of charge.


The deregistration of a residence must be done within two weeks after moving out at the competent registration office ("Meldebehörde").

You can deregister your main residence in Frankfurt at the earliest one week before moving out. Deregistration of secondary residences cannot be done in advance. A secondary residence can only be deregistered on the day of moving out or retroactively.


In both cases, however, we accept written deregistrations up to two weeks in advance.


Processing time

Deregistration of a residence in person takes only a few minutes.

The processing of written deregistrations including postal delivery can take several days.

What else should I know?

If you retroactively require a deregistration certificate, you can request this from us.

Each additional (de-) registration certificate costs € 9.00 (see registration certificateInternal Link).