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Appointment service

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Appointment service

You need an appointment to visit the Citizens' Office ("Bürgeramt"). New appointments are offered eight calendar days in advance and are activated at 7 am on weekdays. You can take care of your matters at any of our locations, no matter where you live in Frankfurt.

Інформація для біженців з України

(1) Ви приїхали з України, в даний час перебуваєте у Франкфурті-на-Майні і маєте житло / квартиру

Ви повинні спочатку зареєструватися у франкфуртській міській раді (Citizens' Office). Будь ласка, запишіться на зустріч за наступним номером телефону:




Реєстрація відбувається у додатковому відділенні Офісу Реєстрації громадян (4-й поверх) за адресою: Mainzer-Landstraße 293, 60326 Frankfurt am Main.External Link

Для реєстрації потрібні наступні документи:
• Паспорт, посвідчення особи або тимчасове посвідчення особи
• Для дітей: свідоцтво про народження або запис в паспорті батьків
• Підтвердження від орендодавця Confirmation from the landlord (pdf , 23KB)Download Link. Це підтвердження надає особа, яка дає вам квартиру.
• За наявності, довідка про сімейний стан

Будь ласка, приходьте з перекладачем, якщо є така можливість.

Information for refugees from Ukraine

(1) You come from Ukraine, are currently staying in Frankfurt am Main and have a place to stay / an apartment

You must first register at the Citizens’ Office Frankfurt. Please make an appointment by calling the following telephone number:




Registration takes place at the Branch Office of the Citizens' Office (4th floor) at Mainzer-Landstraße 293 in 60326 Frankfurt am MainExternal Link.


You will need the following documents for registration:

  • Passport, identity card or temporary proof of identity
  • For children: Birth certificate or entry in the parents' passport
  • Confirmation from the landlord (pdf , 23KB)Download Link. This confirmation tells you who is providing you with the flat.
  • If available, certificates or judgments on marital status.


If possible, please bring a translator/interpreter with you.

Online Appointment

Before making an appointment, please check whether you can take care of your request online or in writing instead of visiting our Citizens' Offices in person. You can find an overview under Online services.Internal Link


If you cannot keep a scheduled appointment, please cancel it in good time (see "Frequently Asked Questions"). By doing so, you give other people the opportunity to book the appointment that has become free. Otherwise the appointment will go unused. Thank you!

We have commissioned an external company to provide the appointment service. Your data will, therefore, be temporarily processed on their server. The necessary data transfer is encrypted (https). Please note that the transmission of information via the Internet is not completely secure and is, therefore, undertaken at your own risk. It cannot be ruled out that third parties may intercept or modify the data you transmit. By using this offer, you agree to the electronic processing of your data.


We assure you that your personal data and any contributions will only be used within the framework of the appointment and will be deleted immediately afterwards.


By clicking on "make an appointment online" you confirm that you have taken note of the data protection declarationInternal Link (German only) and wish to be forwarded to make an appointment online.



General information for your visit at the Citizens' Office

Current Notices

  • There may currently be longer waiting times at the Citizens' Offices due to increased sick leave among staff. There is also a high demand for appointments at the moment. We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • The Central Citizens Office ("Zentrales Bürgeramt") has been temporarily relocated to a nearby location at Lange Straße 25-27 due to construction workInternal Link.

  • The Citizens' Office Nieder-Eschbach ("Bürgeramt Nieder-Eschbach") is closed for reconstruction and modernisation work until further notice. If you have applied for identity documents at the Citizens' Office Nieder-Eschbach, you can pick them up at the Citizens' Office NordwestInternal Link ("Bürgeramt Nordwest") by prior appointmentExternal Link. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I need an appointment

I cannot find a free appointment

  • New appointments are offered eight calendar days in advance and are activated at 7 am on weekdays.
  • Every day at midnight, additional appointments are made available for the current day.
  • In the course of the day, there may be further appointments available (e.g. because of appointment cancellations).
  • You can take care of your matters at any of our locations, no matter where you live in Frankfurt.

I would like to cancel my appointment

Can I reschedule my appointment?

  • Postponements are not possible.

I would like to extend my appointment

  • We can only take care of the services you have booked. Appointments are allocated based on the expected time required for the selected services. An extension with additional services is unfortunately not possible afterwards.

Residual Waste Bags, Rent Index and Tax Forms

You can get residual waste bags and the rent index at the Central Citizens' Office and at the Citizens 'Offices Höchst, Nordwest, Dornbusch and Sachsenhausen without making an appointment. An appointment is necessary for the Citizens' Office Bergen-Enkheim.

You can get tax forms at all locations without making an appointment in advance.