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Online services

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Citizens' Offices

Online services of the Frankfurt Citizens' Office

You can submit an application for the following services online or in writing without having to visit our Citizens' Offices ("Bürgerämter") in person. Please note that the information below is available in German only.


In view of the occasion, we warn against the use of third-party websites for online applications for registration certificates, certificates of good conduct and deregistrations from a church. This may result in unnecessary additional costs and a delay for you.

Please use only the online services linked on this page for the services indicated.

Currently, errors are occurring on iOS devices when applying for registration certificates, requesting the blocking of data transmission and deregistering secondary residences.

In addition, the process "deregistration of a secondary residence" can currently not be completed via the browsers "Chrome" and "Edge" on all devices.

Please use another device and/or browser if possible.