Corpse transit permit

Corpse transit permit

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Corpse transit permit (authority for moving a corpse)

A corpse transit permit (“Leichenpass”) is required for transports of corpses across German borders. 


See below for detailed information.

Competent Authority

Registry Office District Höchst ("Standesamtsbezirk Höchst")

For the western districts of Frankfurt am Main, such as:

Griesheim, Höchst, Nied, Schwanheim, Sindlingen, Sossenheim, Unterliederbach und Zeilsheim


Registry Office District Höchst ("Standesamtsbezirk Höchst")

Seilerbahn 2, 65929 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: +49 69 212 45570 (9 am - 12 noon)

E-Mail: Internal Link

Registry Office District Central ("Standesamtsbezirk Mitte")

For the southern, northern or eastern districts of Frankfurt am Main:


Registry Office District Central ("Standesamtsbezirk Mitte")

Bethmannstr. 3, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: +49 69 212 73505 (9 am - 12 noon)

E-Mail: anmeldung.sterbefaelle@stadt-frankfurt.deInternal Link 

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Service description

A corpse transit permit is required for the repatriation of a foreign deceased person for burial in his or her home country.

This corpse transit permit is issued by the Registry Office (“Standesamt”) responsible for certifying the death as part of the death registration process.

Required documents

The following documents are required for the issuing of a corpse transit permit for the deceased:

  • Confidential part of the mortuary certification
  • Notification of death


The fee for issuing a corpse transit permit is € 31.00.