Acquisition of German nationality by birth in Germany

Acquisition of German nationality by birth in Germany

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Acquisition of German nationality by birth in Germany

A child acquires German nationality by birth if at least one parent has German nationality or foreign parents meet certain requirements.


See below for detailed information.

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A child who has at least one parent who is a German citizen at the time of birth automatically receives German nationality in accordance with § 4 (1) of the Nationality Act ("StAG").


A child of foreign parents acquires German nationality in addition to a possible foreign nationality through birth in Germany if, at least one parent


  • has been lawfully resident in Germany for at least 8 years


  • holds a permanent right of residence, or

  • as a citizen of Switzerland, holds a residence permit based on the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons (“Freizügigkeitsabkommen”).


If one of the parents has the required residence title, the Registry Office (“Standesamt”) must obtain more information from the competent Immigration Authority (“Ausländerbehörde”). This involves checking whether the parent's habitual residence in Germany has legally existed for at least 8 years at the time of the child's birth.


This enquiry takes roughly 5 to 6 weeks after the birth.


If the requirements are met, the child may acquire German nationality by birth. You, as the parents will be informed in writing about the acquisition of the child’s German nationality.

Required documents

The Registry Office ("Standesamt") requires all foreign nationals to present their passport or travel document with the registered residence title in order to check the requirements mentioned under "Prerequisites".

Legal basis

§ 4 (1) Nationality Act ("Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetz – StAG”)

§ 4 (3) Nationality Act ("Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetz – StAG”)