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Residence Permit

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Residence permit

Does not apply to EU citizens and citizens of Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein

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Section 7 Residence Act - AufenthG

 The residence permit is a purpose-bound and time-limited residence title. 

 The residence permit is always limited in time and purpose; the legal basis for issuing it is generally noted in the document.
Reasons for issuing a residence permit

  • Training and studies (Section 16 et seq Residence Act)
  • Gainful employment (Section 18 et seq Residence Act)
  • International law, humanitarian or political reasons (Section 22 et seq Residence Act)
  • Family reasons (Section 27 et seq Residence Act)
  • Special cases, such as the right of return according to Section 37 Residence Act, residence for former Germans (Section 38 Residence Act) or a different purpose of residence by way of exception according to Section 7 (1) Sentence 3 Residence Act.

This list is not exhaustive.

Possession of a residence permit can lead to a settlement permit, depending on the type of purpose of residence.