Vehicle Registration Certificate, Change of Address

Vehicle Registration Certificate, Change of Address

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Vehicle Registration Certificate, Change of Address When Moving Within Frankfurt am Main

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Service description

Are you registered with your main residence in Frankfurt am Main and have now moved within Frankfurt? In this case, the registration certificate Part I ("Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I") or vehicle registration certificate ("Fahrzeugschein") must also be changed to your new address.

You can submit your change of address to the Vehicle Registration Office ("Kfz-Zulassungsstelle") or to the Citizens' Office ("Bürgeramt").

Click here to change the address onlineExternal Link (German only).

Information on the procedure and requirements can be found under information on web-based vehicle registrationExternal Link (German only).

Required documents

You will need the following documents:

Valid identity card or passport with current confirmation of registration (not older than 3 months) or electronic residence permit.

  • Marriage or name change certificate (only if the identity document has not yet been issued in the changed name)
  • Vehicle registration certificate part I ("Fahrzeugschein")
  • Vehicle registration certificate part II ("Fahrzeugbrief") only in case of change of name

additionally, in case of power of attorney:

  • the power of attorney with the legible colour copy of the identity card of the person granting the power of attorney
  • the original identity document of the authorised person.

In the case of companies or associations, the following documents must also be submitted:

  • Complete trade register excerpt or the register of associations excerpt
  • Business registration or commercial lease agreement (in the case of associations, confirmation of address by the executive board or tax advisor)

Please note:

If the confirmation of registration is not submitted, the registration data – Frankfurt am Main only – can be retrieved for a fee of € 10.00.


If you present your passport or foreign identity card and a registration certificate issued more than three months ago, or if you do not present the registration certificate (proof of residence), you will have to pay a fee to retrieve the registration data. The costs for this are € 10.00. Payment is possible in cash or by EC card/Girocard.


Overview of fees for the registration of vehiclesInternal Link (German only)