Old Nikolai Church

Old Nikolai Church

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Old Nikolai Church

Die Alte Nikolaikirche auf dem Römerberg © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Photo: Andreas Varnhorn

The Old Nikolai Church (Alte Nikolaikirche) belongs to the famous group on Frankfurt’s Römerberg. The double-aisle Early Gothic church was mentioned as early as 1264, but it is considerably older. Visitors enjoy its harmonic carillon with 47 bells.

  • double-aisle hall church of the Early Gothic period around 1270-90, for 1292 with a High Gothic Choir 
  • about 1440-1450 beginning of the Late Gothic reconstruction, 1467 supplemented with Late Gothic roof gallery and tower storeys
  • Tower substructure around 1240-70
  • from 1467 council chapel
  • sculpture on the entryway from the 13th century, grave sculpture from the 14th century

Year of construction: from the 12th century

60311 Frankfurt am Main