Museum embankment

Museum embankment

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Museum embankment

The Frankfurt museum embankment (Museumsufer) is one of the most important locations for museums in Germany and Europe. Through this unique cultural experience on both sides of the Main, the city enjoys an excellent reputation among art lovers. On the southern bank side alone, nine exhibition buildings are lined up one after the other like a string of pearls. From west to east, these are the renowned museums:


  • Giersch Museum
  • Liebieghaus
  • Städel Art Institute / Municipal Gallery (Städel)
  • Museum of Communication
  • German Museum of Architecture
  • German Film Museum
  • Museum of World Cultures
  • Museum of Applied Art
  • Icons Museum, Dr. Schmidt-Voigt Foundation


Directly on the opposite bank of the Main, there are the Jewish Museum and the Historical Museum with the Children’s Museum. There are also other museums in direct proximity on both sides of the river, e.g. the Schirn, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.


The Museumsufer is also a successful synthesis of attractive cultural highlights and contrasting town planning. During the realisation of this museum landscape in the eighties, historical bourgeois houses were first completely gutted and then given a contemporary interior design. Secondly, numerous new constructions and extensions were created according to the designs of internationally important architects.


And the Museumsufer also offers two special annual events: the ‘Night of the Museums’ when numerous exhibition halls in Frankfurt and also in Offenbach are open and the Museumsufer Festival that takes place in August and is one of the most important and biggest cultural festivals in Europe.