Church of Our Lady

Church of Our Lady

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Church of Our Lady

Liebfrauenkirche Außenansicht
Innenstadt Liebfrauenkirche Außenansicht © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Photo: Andreas Varnhorn

The 3-aisle Gothic hall church on Our Lady’s Square is located very centrally, and remains much the same is it was in the Middle Ages. The stone relief over the Three Kings Portal from about 1425 is considered to be an extremely important work of art. The Church of Our Lady (Liebfrauenkirche) was burned out in 1944 and was rebuilt by 1956. 


Year of construction: approx. 1310-1478, 1506-09

Architect: J. Östreicher

  • Late Gothic hall church from approx.. 1310-1478 with high polygonal choir from 1506-09 according to a design by J. Östreicher (arch of the nave destroyed) 
  •  south side with classicist front building (1824) by F. Rumpf
  •  behind it a tympanum relief (about 1425) above the Three Kings Portal by M. Gerthener
  • Remains of medieval and baroque furnishings in the interior

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