Jewish Quarter

Jewish Quarter

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Historical buildings

Jewish Quarter

Museum Judengasse
View into the Museum Judengasse with the ruins of the former Jewish ghetto © Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt, Photo: NORBERT-MIGULETZ

The Jewish Quarter (Judengasse), established in 1462 in front of Frankfurt’s city wall, existed until the 19th century. On Boerne Square (Börneplatz) its archaeological remains from the 15th to the 18th century can be seen. Exhibitions explain the history of the ghetto and Boerne Square. 

  • Excavations: Foundation walls from five residential homes, two ritual baths, two fountains from the 18th century 
  •  Exhibitions on the history and architecture of the ghetto
  •  Historical model with more than 1,000 houses
  • Interactive Jewish Quarter infobank with information on houses, inhabitants, and history
  • New Boerne Square Memorial
  •    Boerne Gallery with special exhibitions and database on deported and murdered Frankfurt Jews
  •   Photographic and written documents, films and audio productions

Historical buildings
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Museum Judengasse Dependance des Jüdischen Museums der Stadt Frankfurt a. M.