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The Frankfurt-Pass is a voluntary service provided by the City of Frankfurt am Main. It entitles you to a free holiday pass from the Youth and Social Welfare Office (“Jugend- und Sozialamt”) and a free cultural and leisure ticket from the Cultural Office (“Kulturamt”) – the “Kufti”. See below for more information.

Competent Authority

Where can you apply for the Frankfurt-Pass?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the local branch offices of the Youth and Social Welfare Office (“Sozialrathäuser”) and Specialised Subdivisions 3 and 4 (“Besondere Dienste”) are currently only open for urgent matters by appointment. Therefore, please submit your new (or renewal) applications for a Frankfurt-Pass by post if possible or drop them in the letterbox of the relevant local branch office / Specialised Subdivision. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the local branch office or Specialised Subdivision by telephone or email. Your contact with regard to Frankfurt-Pass is always the local branch officeInternal Link (German only) in whose district you reside (see mapExternal Link), or the office from which you receive social assistance benefits. Recipients of unemployment benefit I or II (ALG I, II) should also contact their local branch officeInternal Link (German only) of the Youth and Social Welfare Office.


In case you belong to particular groups of clients:


Specialised Subdivision 3Internal Link

Groups of clients:

Homeless people and people with addiction issues


Specialised Subdivision 4Internal Link

Groups of clients:

Refugees and non-residents

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Service description

When can you apply for the Frankfurt-Pass?

You can apply for the free Frankfurt-Pass if you are on a low income and have your first residence in Frankfurt am Main. This entitles you to a free holiday pass from the Youth and Social Welfare Office (“Jugend- und Sozialamt”) and a free cultural and leisure ticket from the Cultural Office (“Kulturamt”) – the “Kufti” entitles children and young people up to and including the age of 17 to visit the zoo and museums free of charge!

A small fee is charged for visits to conventional municipal indoor and outdoor swimming pools (children up to and including the age of 14 enjoy free admission) as well as to the Frankfurt Zoo and the “Palmengarten” (botanical gardens). Adults pay 1 euro, while young people over 15 just pay 50 cents. Adults pay 2 euros to visit the waterparks (such as Rebstockbad, Titus-Therme), children and youths pay 1 euro.

At reduced prices (50% of the admission price or the fixed fee), you can visit the ice rink („Eissporthalle“), municipal museums (free admission for children and young people up to adult age to all permanent and special exhibitions held at the municipal museums) and the Senckenberg Museum, leisure activities of the Youth and Social Welfare Office, the municipal cinema, theatres of the City of Frankfurt am Main – opera, theatre, Ballet Frankfurt – and courses offered by the “Volkshochschule” (Adult Education Centre); you can also take part in the “FahrRad-Verkehrskompetenz” – cycling training course (supported by the Traffic Department).

You can also purchase discounted monthly and annual tickets for adults and juniors (the junior fare also includes discounted weekly tickets) from the RMV public transport network (fare zone 50). These tickets are not transferable.


From 10 June 2020, income limits will be as follows for

1-person households 976.00 EUR net

2-person households 1,264.00 EUR net

3-person households 1,550.00 EUR net

4-person households 1,838.00 EUR net

5-person households 2,126.00 EUR net


and will increase by EUR 288.00 net for each additional member of the household. The term “household” (within the meaning of this regulation) includes all persons of the household, irrespective of the relationship, marital status and age.


When calculating income, individual burdens such as rent, heating, loan instalments, etc. are not additionally taken into account. Persons who receive benefits to secure their livelihood are entitled to a Frankfurt-Pass in any case

Required documents

When applying, please bring with you:

  • A valid identity card/passport,
  • Your tenancy agreement,
  • Complete proof of income,
  • A recently taken photograph,

Students will also need:

  • Their current student loan (BaFöG) statement,

Recipients of benefits to secure their livelihood, persons residing in institutions, as well as children and young people in homes and care facilities also require the following:

  • A current statement from the Social / Welfare Benefits Agency (“Sozialleistungsträger”).


Note: This list is not exhaustive; additional documents might be required.

Applications and forms

Please note that all applications and forms are available in German only.

Application Frankfurt-Pass (pdf , 98KB)Download Link