Specialised Subdivision 4

Specialised Subdivision 4

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Youth and Social Welfare Office
Jugend- und Sozialamt

Flüchtlinge und Auswärtige

Mainzer Landstraße 291
60326 Frankfurt am Main

About the department

The Specialised Subdivision 4 is responsible for benefits under the German Asylum Seeker Benefits Act ("Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz") as well as cost reimbursement / funeral expenses.

Opening hours

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, we are unfortunately unable to offer open office hours at the subdivisions of the Youth and Social Welfare Office at the moment.

However, you can inform us of your concerns in writing, by phone or email, or also make a personal appointment.


S-Bahn lines: S3, S4, S5 and S6: station "Galluswarte"

Tram lines: 11, 14 and 21: tram station "Galluswarte"

Bus line: 52: bus stop "Galluswarte"

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