How is the KAV organised?

How is the KAV organised?

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The KAV Administration Office

How is the KAV organised?

The KAV is composed of 37 members, in accordance with the Hessian municipal code. These members are elected by general, free, secret and direct election. Eligible for election are foreign nationals older than 18 years who have their registered primary residence in Frankfurt am Main for a minimum of six months, as well as German naturalized citizens or persons with dual (or multiple) citizenship.

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How does the KAV achieve its goals?

The KAV may participate in all sessions of the City Council, Committees and the District Councils. The KAV has speaking rights in the Committees as well as the District Councils.


The KAV Plenum may receive from the Administration all necessary information regarding ongoing issues concerning the foreign populace. Additionally, the KAV present its advisory statements for all Magistrate pleading and reports that are submitted to the City Council.


KAV Members can offer suggestions to the City Council and District Councils on all important issues that affect the foreign population. The City Council and the Committees handle these suggestions as official proposals.

Public Relations

The KAV may independently inform the public about any and all issues which arise within the framework of their responsibilities.