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Registry Office District Höchst

About us

Inside view of the wedding hall in the "Emmerichpavillon", Photo:Torsten Hemke
Inside view of the wedding hall in the "Emmerichpavillon" © Torsten Hemke, Frankfurt am Main, Photo: Torsten Hemke, Frankfurt am Main

The District Höchst of the Registry Office Frankfurt am Main is located in the garden pavilion of the Bolongaro Palace, surrounded by a unique park.


If you live in one of the western districts of the city, such as Höchst, Nied, Griesheim, Sindlingen, Zeilsheim, Unterliederbach, Sossenheim, Schwanheim or Goldstein, then the Registry Office District Höchst ("Standesamtsbezirk Höchst") is your point of contact.

Services and tasks

  • Certification of births, marriages and deaths
  • Civil Registry: register of births, marriages, civil partnerships and deaths
  • Recognition of foreign decisions in civil status matters
  • Issuing of certificates of capacity to contract marriage
  • Registration and certification of declarations of paternity, maternity and surname
  • Issuing of civil status certificates
  • Burial or cremation permissions
  • Issuing of a corpse transit permit

General Information for Ordering a Certificate

The Registry Office in Frankfurt am Main only issues civil status certificates in cases where the event took place in Frankfurt am Main.

So if you were not born in Frankfurt am Main, please contact the Registry Office of your place of birth or country of birth.

The same applies to marriage or death certificates. Please also contact the Registry Office of the place of marriage or death.

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