Health Counselling for Prostitutes

Health Counselling for Prostitutes

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Health Counselling for Prostitutes

The Prostitute Protection Act (“Prostituiertenschutzgesetz – ProstSchG”) – Act to regulate the prostitution trade and to protect persons working in prostitution – has been in force since 1 July 2017. The Act is intended to enhance the protection of persons engaged in prostitution, to strengthen their right to self-determination, to promote the protection of their health, to create better working conditions and to combat crimes related to sex work such as human trafficking or violence.
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By appointment only. You can make an appointment by calling 069 212 43343 or by sending an email to ProstSchG@stadt-frankfurt.deInternal Link.

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Who is obliged to seek health counselling and where does it take place?

All persons working in prostitution must receive health counselling at the Local Health Authority (“Gesundheitsamt”). Prostitutes are defined by law as persons who provide an erotic or sexual service (e.g. including erotic massage or escort services) for remuneration.

Health counselling is required by §10 ProstSchG for prostitutes when registering their work and has been available at the Frankfurt Health Office, Breite Gasse 28, since 1 July 2017. This is a consultation and NOT a medical examination. This is offered free of charge upon request: Gynaecological humanitarian consultation hourInternal Link


Why is it necessary to attend health counselling?

Health counselling aims to ensure that all prostitutes have access to essential information on health protection. Depending on the situation of the person receiving advice, questions about the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, maternity protection or risks of drug use may be discussed during the counselling.

In order to be able to register your work with the municipality where you predominantly work it is required by law to attend health counselling.


How does health counselling work?

  1. Make an appointment by calling +49 (0)69/212 433 43 or by sending an email to ProstSchG@stadt-frankfurt.deInternal Link
  2. Appearance in person at the agreed appointment at the Frankfurt Health Authority (“Gesundheitsamt”), Breite Gasse 28, 2nd floor. Please register in room 2.07 with your identity card or passport.
  3. We charge the following fees:
        - Initial consultation + certificate (real and alias name) € 44
        - Follow-up counselling + certificate (real and alias name) € 28
        - Duplicate copy (real and alias name) € 12
    Payment is possible in cash or by debit (EC) card
  4. Personal counselling interview with a social worker and, if necessary, an interpreter.
  5. Issue of the certificate of health counselling in the name of the prostitute.


What is an alias certificate?

The  alias certificate is a supplementary certificate with a fictitious artist or working name. The alias certificate serves to protect the prostitute’s personal data.

How often must the health consultation take place?

For persons over the age of 21:
Follow-up counselling must be attended at least every twelve months.

For persons between the age of 18 and 21:
Follow-up counselling must be attended at least every six months.