Information for Refugees from Ukraine|How to Help

Information for Refugees from Ukraine|How to Help

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Information for Refugees from Ukraine and How to Help

Do you come from Ukraine and are seeking shelter in Frankfurt? Or would you like to help and get involved? Below, you can find information for refugees from Ukraine, for people who want to help, and information about the impact of the Ukraine crisis on Frankfurt.

Help for people from Ukraine

Where can refugees from Ukraine get help?

  • For information about the City's assistance for refugees from Ukraine or their relatives and friends in Frankfurt you can call the hotline 069/212-48444Internal Link or write an e-mail to info.51.D4@stadt-frankfurt.deInternal Link. Employees of the Youth and Social Welfare Office ("Jugend- und Sozialamt") will answer questions about accommodation and other support options offered by the City.

    You can reach the staff at 069/212-48444Internal Link from 8 am to 6 pm. After this time, there is a recorded announcement with information about accommodation possibilities at night.


  • People seeking protection can also come directly to stadtRAUMfrankfurt at Mainzer Landstraße 293. The Staff of the Clearing Ventre for Ukrainian Refugees find people a place to stay, provide information on financial support and take care of emergency health insurance.

    Opening hours are Mondays to Fridays from 8 to 11.30 am and Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 to 3 pm.


  • If you have arrived in Frankfurt and are looking for information about your first steps in Germany, the Ukrainian Coordination Centre (UCC) at stadtRAUMfrankfurt offers support in German and Ukrainian. 

    You can call the following helplines:
    (+4969) 212 73 852 (Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm)
    +49160 913 61 782
    +49176 232 28 951

    On the website of the AmkA ("Amt für multikulturelle Angelegenheiten") you can find further information: "Help for people from Ukraine"External Link.


  • If you already have accommodation in Frankfurt am Main, please register at the Citizens' Office ("Bürgeramt"). You will need an appointment for this, which you can book online: Appointment serviceInternal Link


Deutsche Bahn welcomes all of our friends from Ukraine!


  • From now on, Ukrainian refugees who are entering Germany can use all buses and trains of local public transport free of charge.This applies to all local trains in the RMV area, i.e. S-Bahn, RegionalBahn and RegionalExpress trains as well as to underground trains, trams and buses. A valid Ukrainian identity document is valid as a ticket. The regulation applies until further notice.

    For more information, please visit Deutsche BahnExternal Link.

Information for people who want to help

I want to help – what's the best way to do it?

The City coordinates the frankfurt-hilft.deExternal Link platform and has set up two e-mail addresses for people who want to help.

Anyone who wants to offer housing can register by sending an e-mail to wohnraum@frankfurt-hilft.deInternal Link.

Anyone who wants to volunteer can register by sending an e-mail to ukraine@frankfurt-hilft.deInternal Link.

The staff collects all offers and will get back to you.


Reference "Ukraine": Donation account for refugees in Frankfurt

From now on, Frankfurt residents can also donate to the thousands of refugees from Ukraine in the city. Since Friday, 25 March, there is a corresponding account of the Department of Social Affairs. The City will report regularly on what the donations have been used for. The new account complements the services offered on the City's website frankfurt-hilft.deExternal Link.


The account details are: 
Payee: Stadt Frankfurt – Kriegsgeflüchtete Ukraine
IBAN: DE77 5005 0201 0200 7705 19
Reference: Ukraine


Does the City collect donations in kind?

The people from Ukraine who have fled to Frankfurt are provided with everything they need here. There is no shortage. Therefore, the City currently does not need donations in kind for the Ukranian refugees in Frankfurt. If that changes, requests are posted on the website frankfurt-hilft.deExternal Link. Various aid organisations and associations collect donations in kind for people in Ukraine or neighbouring countries and transport them there.