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Counselling for people with unclear health insurance coverage

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Actually, it should be a matter of course in Germany, but not all people have sufficient access to necessary medical care. The actual number of people without insurance coverage is difficult to estimate due to a large number of unreported cases. Nationwide, it is estimated that there are hundreds of thousands. This makes it more difficult for them to get access to the health system. Any treatment costs incurred must be borne by those affected, which is not possible for the majority of those affected.

In Frankfurt, those affected can find help at the Clearing Centre of the Local Health Authority. It is a contact point for people with no or unclear health insurance status.

The advisors help to clarify insurance coverage and support the realization of claims or also in the event of premium debts with health insurance companies. In addition, the Clearing Centre acts as a pilot in the regular system of health care.

The aim of the Clearing Centre is to place as many people as possible in the health care system.

The Clearing Centre advises people,

• who do not have health insurance
• who do not know whether they have health insurance.
• who have problems with their health insurance (e.g. contribution debts).
• who are not insured and have to see a doctor
• who have questions about the social and health care system.

The consultation is free of charge, confidential and, if desired, anonymous. Simply make an appointment by e-mail or phone or, in urgent cases, come by during office hours. The address of the Clearing Centre can be found at the bottom of the page.

How to reach us


Zeil 5, 2nd floor
on the premises of the Humanitarian Consultation ("Humanitäre Sprechstunden") at the Local Health Authority ("Gesundheitsamt")
60313 Frankfurt am Main

Open consultation hours

Tuesday 9am - 12pm

Wednesday 2 pm - 5 pm

Friday 9am - 12 pm

Availability by phone: 069 212-40007Internal Link

Thursday 12pm - 3pm



Clearingstelle.gesundheitsamt@stadt-frankfurt.deInternal Link

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