About us

About us

Local Health Authority

About us

Healthy living in Frankfurt am Main

Entrance Local Health Authority, Photo: o.A.
Entrance Local Health Authority © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Photo: o.A.

We offer comprehensive services for the protection and restoration of one's health.


This includes advice and information on the possibilities of preventive health care. In addition, we help you not only with physical problems, but also with psychological and social problems.


You can download our information brochure, the flyer on our consultation hours, the organisation chart of our office and the directions to the Local Health Authority ("Gesundheitsamt") in the download section below. Please note that the documents are available in German only.


  • Medical travel advice, vaccinations for domestic and international travel
  • Official medical examinations
  • Environmental medical consultations
  • Language counseling for children and teenagers
  • Preventive medical checkups for pupils
  • Social-psychiatric counseling
  • Child and youth psychiatric consultation hours
  • Issuing of food certificates
  • Medical examination and consultation for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Humanitarian consulting hours
  • and much more
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