***NEU*** Terminvereinbarungen mit der Ausländerbehörde

***NEU*** Terminvereinbarungen mit der Ausländerbehörde

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Important Informationen concerning the Ausländerbehörde

The Ausländerbehörde of the City of Frankfurt am Main is open only for previously given appointments!

Entry will only be allowed if you already have an appointment and mouth and nose are covered by a mask or other suitable kind of protection.

You can make an appointment if you send us an E-Mail containing your complete personal data (Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, Address of place of residence). Our E-Mail contact addresses are


Residence for study purposes:    

abh-studium@stadt-frankfurt.deInternal Link

Asylum seekers and humanitarian reasons for residence:      abh-asyl@stadt-frankfurt.deInternal Link 
Transfer of Residence titles into new passports:  Online Terminverwaltung AusländerbehördeExternal Link
For skilled academic employees:     abh-sca@stadt-frankfurt.deInternal Link  
For EU Blue Cards:    abh-sca@stadt.-frankfurt.deInternal Link
Questions on entering Germany           
and express processing for skilled workers
abh-einreise@stadt-frankfurt.deInternal Link
Other questions/reasons for residence auslaenderbehoerde@stadt-frankfurt.deInternal Link

Britisch nationals and familiy members who already live in Germany before January 1st, 2021 can book their online appointment her

Online Terminverwaltung AusländerbehördeExternal Link

Change of employer

You can send us the Form „Stellenbeschreibung“, completely filled out by your new employer to the E-Mailaddress: auslaenderbehoerde@stadt-frankfurt.deInternal Link.
In case of change of employer for skilled academic employees please send the E-Mail to: abh.sca-arbeitgeberwechsel@stadt-frankfurt.deInternal Link.

Please attach the following documents to the E-Mail:
Copy of your passport and your present title of residence (copy of the page „Zusatzblatt zum Aufenthaltstitel) and a completed form „Stellenbeschreibung“ filled out by your new employer. You can find the document in our forms in our webpages.

You can find further Informationen on the Ausländerbehörde in our  FAQ’ s on ***NEU*** FAQ - Ausländerrechtliche Fragen zum Corona-Virus  Internal Link

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