Information on Frankfurt Airport

Information on Frankfurt Airport

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Informationen zum Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Information on Frankfurt Airport

Flights information on modern departures board in airport terminal.
Flights information on modern departures board in airport terminal. © © Lukas Gojda -, Foto: LUKAS GOJDA

Which measures are being implemented by airports in order to identify people taken ill and who are entering from at-risk-regions?

In accordance with international health and safety-standards airline-screws must inform the First-Officer, if a person is aboard that may have an infectious disease. Via Frankfurt Airport the information is then transferred to the on-duty medical doctor of the Competence Center for Highly Pathogenic Infectious Agents in the federal states of Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz and the Saarland, further necessary measures will be decided upon there as required.

Furthermore, following an instruction by the Federal Health Minister of Germany all passengers traveling from at-risk-regions directly to Germany, must complete so called exit-cards, which include questions pertaining to their flight, their residence during their stay in the next 30 days after arrival, as well as to their residence, to contact persons and to the overall health condition of the traveler. The airlines will issue the exit-cards. During the flight the exit-cards will be reviewed with respect to their accuracy. Should there be indications of possible Coronavirus infection, this information will be relayed to the First-Officer who will then alert the on-duty medical doctor of the Competence Center for Highly Pathogenic Infectious Agents. The responsible Doctor will then proceed on-board to interview the affected passenger. In the event of probable cause for suspected infection the passenger will then be placed in special isolation ward of the University Clinic of Frankfurt.


Hessenwide Hotline for Medical Questions:  Call 0800- 555 4666 - available daily from 8am to 8pm

Hessenwide Public Hotline for all other Questions: Please note, that all other questions are handled by the Public Hotline of the State Government of Hessen. Call: 0611 - 32 111 000 or contact

Important Notice: Absolutely no test-results will be provided via this Hotline. All test results must be obtained through your general practitioner or referred doctor.

The statewide (State of Hessen) Hotlines are also available to all Frankfurt residents, there is not separate hotline for Frankfurt. In the case of verified infections with SARS-CoV-2 all necessary measures for Frankfurt residents will be taken by the Frankfurt health authority (Frankfurter Gesundheitsamt).
For residents from all other counties and districts in the State of Hessen Hotline Staff are standing by and in the case of verified infections the local health authorities are responsible for all further measures. To locate your local health authority please use the postal-code application of the Robert Koch Institute in the following link: local health authorityExternal Link

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