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Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (english)


Häusliche Absonderung Coronavirus
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Who should resort to self-isolation?
Isolation/quarantine is recommended or mandated by the responsible local health authority for

  • Persons with either confirmed cases of COVID-19 or reasonable suspicion of a COVID-19 infection (Isolation)
  • Persons with close contact (face-to-face-contact > 15 min) with a confirmed case of COVID-19 (quarantine)
  • Persons,entering Hesse coming from a risk area are. According to the Regulation of the federal ministery of Health from the 6th of August, they are required to get tested immediately and to to go directly into self-isolation.

As the incubation period - the time between infection with and the detection of SARS-CoV-2 – can last up to 14 days, the goal of quarantine for close contact persons is to prevent them from infecting other people during this time.
Isolation also lasts for two weeks, beginning with the onset of symptoms and only ending if the last two days of isolation were completely free of symptoms.

What does self-isolation mean precisely?
Isolation of diseased and quarantine for potentially infected persons means in practical terms that you stay at home, do not go to work etc. and do not use public transportation.
If the isolation/quarantine is orderd by the health authority, leaving your apartment or your hospital room (if you’re receiving treatment in a hospital) is not allowed and will be penalized if disregarded.
Please minimize contact to others as much as possible. You should not receive visitors while isolating, especially not elderly or chronically ill persons.
For the contact to other people in the household the following applies:

  • If possible, adherence of temporal or areal separation to other members of the household:
    • Temporal separation can for example be achieved by not taking the  meals together but one after another.
    • Areal separation can for example be achieved by remaining in a different room than the other members of your household, especially when sleeping.
  • Keep your distance when you need to cough or sneeze, always use your inside of the elbow or a tissue. Tissues should be disposed immediately.
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with water and soap and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Remember to air your apartment regularly.       

What else do I have to do in self-isolation?

Until the end of your self-isolation you are obliged to:

  • Measure your body temperature twice a day (in the morning and evening)
  • Keep a daily diary where you write down symptoms, body temperature, activity and contact to other people (as far as you remember, also for the previous days)

The local health authority will contact you regularly to enquire about your health condition. If you should develop symptoms, please contact the local health authority.
If you are in need of medical assistance, please inform the personel about your (possible) infection with coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) beforehand. Show the letter of the local health authority.

For persons displaying symptoms, isolation can only be lifted after 48 hours of being symptom-free (after consultation with medical assistance). Officially ordered isolation holds until it is lifted by the responsible local health authority
Quarantine is lifted at a preassigned date as long as no symptoms occurred until this day.

Where do I find psychosocial assistance if needed?The Corona-pandemic, especially the situation in isolation, can be an existentially as well as mentally challenging circumstance for many people.
Here you find information on psychosocial supportInternal Link.


Who can help me run errands and buy groceries while I’m in self-isolation?
If you are living alone, please ask your relatives, neighbours or friends to help you with your errands and groceries. If this is not possible, ask for delivery services at stores in your living area. In Frankfurt, there are also many initiatives supporting citizens in times of the corona-crisis Internal Linkif needed.

Who is eligible to get compensation payment in case of loss of earnings?

If you are affected by a work-ban due to the infection protection act, respectively are put in quarantine, and accordingly suffering from loss of earnings without being diseased, you are qualified for a compensation payment. The payment is calculated depending on the individual loss of earnings.
Detailed requirements for this compensation payment can be found here: Link 

According to the decision of the Federal Ministry for Internal Affairs, …….   authority is retroactively no longer responsible for the processing of all claims for compensation payments according to § 56 of the Infection Protection Law, see also press release of 24.04.2020  ( Link ).

In case you already have sent a Claim for compensation payment according to §56 of the Infection Protection Law to the local health authority, it cannot be processed and you will have to file an application again online and send it to the Regional Council Darmstadt.

Further information on the claims regarding quarantine or work-bans, resp.regarding schools or child care facilities are closed you can find here: Link

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