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Recommendations for hygiene and infection protection

Recommendations for schools

Schulkind mit Mund-Nasen-Schutz
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Within the stepwise reopening of state schools in Hessen, school administrators as well as teachers should receive correct recommendations in order to plan internal processes regarding the school routine appropriately. Those recommendations concern mostly hygiene measures to prevent droplet infections. Thus, the measures are similar to other concepts that have been implemented in schools before, for example the prevention of the flu.


At this point, we want to refer to the current recommendations of the Robert-Koch-Institute ( as well as the recommendations for action and regulations of Hessen (  Also, further measures of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs should be considered.


Hygiene recommendations:  


1. Keeping of sufficient distance between persons(minimum 1,5 meters)


2. Adaption of the hygiene plan to the current situation in times of the corona pandemic by the school administration in conjunction with appropriate instruction of employees.


3.Observance of cough- and sneeze rules (For further information visit or


4. Frequent handwashing with cold water and soap is sufficient. 


5. Frequent airing of rooms, preferably intermittent.


6. Shortening of ocleaning intervals.


7. Handling of diseased people in the institution: Persons feeling sick should stay at home. If positive cases appear, the local health authority will initiate the measures needed, the general closing of schools or classes is not necessary.  


8. Wearing of mouth/nose-protection whenever a minimum distance of 1,5 meters cannot be guaranteed (staircase, school transport etc.).

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