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Recommendations for hygiene and infection protection

Recommendations for operators

Girl drinks coffee in a cafe during a meeting. Nearby, a cell phone lies on a table.
Girl drinks coffee in a cafe during a meeting. Nearby, a cell phone lies on a table. © ©franz12 - stock.adobe.com, Foto: franz12

The following recommendations address operators of associations, businesses, sport facilities, cultural facilities, driving schools etc. (non-medical or non-nursing context) in Frankfurt am Main.
The corona-pandemic is in many ways a big challenge for society. Lately, the local health authority received multiple questions about whether facilities need to present a concept of hygiene to the local health authority before re-opening.


Following the “Corona-Kontakt und Betriebsbeschränkungsverordnung” (corona-contact and operating restrictions regulation) from May 7th 2020, a hygiene concept has to be prepared and presented by the operator. However, approval by the health department is not necessary.

Still, the health department Frankfurt wants to provide assistance for hygiene concepts considering the present recommendations. A review of concepts is only possible in selected individual cases. The standards in Hessen as well as the occupational medical and industry-specific recommendations stay unaffected.

When developing hygiene concepts, the following recommendations have to be considered: 

  1.  When having acute respiratory problems, stay at home.

  2. Keep distance – at least 1,5 m -  between people. In places where this is not possible, wearing a mouth/nose-protection is reasonable and highly recommended. The legal requirements in Hessen stay unaffected.

  3. If possible, provide opportunities for hand hygiene (sanitary facilities or hand disinfection). Regardless of the acute pandemic situation, sufficient hand hygiene is important. This includes thorough handwashing with (cold) water and soap at the right time: When returning home, before using the bathroom, while preparing meals, before eating, after using the bathroom, in case of visible contamination, after sneezing or blowing the nose or after contact with ill persons or animals (more information see recommendations of BZgA). Alternatively, a hand disinfectant can be used. Attention should be payed to the correct use of disinfectant. 

  4. Do without avoidable body contact.

  5. Further hygiene measures lie within the responsibility of the respective occupational medical affiliation. Furthermore, the occupational safety and health-standard presented by the Federal Ministry of Work and Social Affairs applies.

  6. For the concrete implementation of hygiene measures in concepts, the contact persons can be found in the professional associations, umbrella associations or industry-specific representatives. 

  7. In individual cases, owners can still enforce their domiciliary right.

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