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Recommendations for hygiene and infection protection

Recommendations for childcare facilities

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According to the resolution of the Youth and Family Ministerial Conference on April 27th, childcare will be relaunched in form of a flexible and stepwise extension of emergency care in all federal states of Germany until May 11th. This is to ensure that every child in transition between childcare and primary school will be able to visit childcare again bevor summer vacation. Details will be in the responsibility of the federal states.


This resolution intends a gentle re-entry back to childcare in four phases:
From emergency care (1) through the now introduced extension of emergency care (2), to a restricted regular operation (3) and back to regular operation (4).


Highest goal is still to slow down the coronavirus outbreak and interrupt infection chains, so severe disease progressions can be prevented and our health care system is not overburdened.
In Hesse, childcare is supposed to start in phase 3 (restricted regular operation) on June 2nd  2020. The emergency childcare will be continued and extended for more requirement groups. The care groups are intended to stay as small as possible due to reasons of infection protection.  


For further information, please visit the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and IntegrationExternal Link.

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