Information on Frankfurt Airport

Information on Frankfurt Airport

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Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (english)

Information on Frankfurt Airport

Flights information on modern departures board in airport terminal.
Flights information on modern departures board in airport terminal. © © Lukas Gojda -, Foto: LUKAS GOJDA


According to current legislation. entering passengers from risk regions whose destination is Hesse are obligated to go into a 14-day domestic quarantine. If your destination is not Frankfurt am Main or Hesse, please inform the local health authority in charge. 

Here you can find out whether your country of departure was categorized as risk region. 

Under certain conditions, you do not have to go into quarantine when coming from a country categorized as risk region. This is only provided if you do not suffer from symptoms. Please note that exceptions can vary in other federal states. 

  • You are only in transit
  • You belong to a professional group which is listed here under § 2 Abs. (2)
  • You have a medical certificate stating a negative SARS-CoV-2-test from a state whose tests are recognized by the Robert Koch-Institute. The test ought to be made not earlier than 48h before entering Germany. Here you can find out, whether your country of departure belongs to the states whose tests are recognized . 
  • You can apply at the local health authority responsible for your destination in Hesse for a special permit and clarify why a exception is urgently necessary for you

Please also pay attention to the leaflet of the Federal Ministry of Health (see download section below). You can find further information on the webpages of the Robert-Koch-Institute. 


Obligation to wear a face mask

In all terminals of the Frankfurt Airport it is now obligatory to wear a face mask covering mouth and nose. At first, this obligation applies for three months. Children under 6 years or persons who cannot wear a face mask due to health impairments are not obligated to wear a face mask. Personel of the airport operator do not have to wear a face mask if there are protective measures such as separating devices.





Quarantine for entering passengers from other EU-states

As of May 16th 2020, the obligation for entering passengers to go into quarantine is limited to entering passengers from third countries. Third countries are defined as states that are not member of the European Union or the Schengen-Area. The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland are not a third country. Persons from a non-member-country who have entered Germany via a member state of the European Union, the Schengen-Area or the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland have to go into domestic quarantine for 14 days.
If the number of new cases is above the threshold of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days, there is also an obligation to self-quarantine for entering passengers from EU-Member-Countries, the Schengen-Area or the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The federal government of Germany and the Robert Koch-Institute will define the relevant countries above the threshold in their situation reports, respectively in publications. Currently, no country exceeds the threshold.

Notification requirement for commencement of work

So far, there was already a notification requirement for commencement of work if the stay in Hesse was more than 72 hours (so-called “Seasonal workers regulation”, § 2 Abs. 2 der 1. VO). This regulation continues, however, from now on, it is limited to persons entering from a third country.
However, a comparable obligation was introduced newly (§ 2a 1. VO) for persons who are entering from a member state of the EU, the Schengen-Area or the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland for the purpose of discharge of professional duties. According to this, a commencement of work has to be reported to the local health authority responsible for the place of business if the stay will be longer than 72 hours and a communal accommodation for more than 5 persons not belonging to the own household will take place.  
Background is the development of „hot spots“ of infections with SARS-CoV-2 among persons in precarious living-, working- and especially housing-conditions observed in other federal states.
By this notification requirement it be guaranteed that especially the accommodation can be checked – if necessary on-site- for the compliance with health rules (no overcrowding).
Please use the form in the download-area below for the notification and send the completed form to your responsible health authority. You can find your responsible local health authority here: RKI_Suche_zuständiges GesundheitsamtExternal Link