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Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (english)

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Frankfurt am Main

Gemeldete COVID-19-Fälle in Frankfurt am Main (pro Kalenderwoche)
Gemeldete COVID-19-Fälle in Frankfurt am Main (pro Kalenderwoche) © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Foto: Gesundheitsamt Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main

The figure above shows the number of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19-cases in Frankfurt reported to the local health authority of Frankfurt by calendar week. The notification date corresponds to the day physicians and laboratories reported the case to the local health authority of Frankfurt. COVID‐19-cases connected with local outbreak clusters and returnees with exposition to COVID-19 abroad (since relaxing of travel restrictions) are depicted in different colours. For the past two calendar weeks the percentual increase resp. decrease in all reported cases is shown in relation to each previous week.

Note: Notifications received at the local health authority on a Sunday after 8 pm will only be entered in the notification software during the following Monday. Thus, while presenting the number of cases for the previous week, the number of cases from the week before may be adjusted.
(This figure is updated every week) Source: Local Health Authority Frankfurt am Main


Since the beginning of the pandemic in March in total, 23.314 (+34 compared to the previous day) laboratory-confirmed COVID-19-cases were reported to the local health authority Frankfurt; these include 444 (+6 compared to the previous day) fatalities connected to COVID-19 and 21.824 (+125 compared to the previous day) cases of persons who have recovered according to RKI-criteria. Currently, there are 1.046 (-79 compared to the previous day) active cases in Frankfurt considered as infectious. (State of data: January 18th; 6:30am). It is very likely, that there are many undetected COVID-19-cases not captured in the reporting statistic.

(This information is updated daily. Source: Local health authority Frankfurt am Main)




The daily overview and update for confirmed COVID-19 infection data in Frankfurt and Hessen can be found here: HMSIExternal Link



In Germany cases have now been confirmed in all federal states of the Federal Republic of Germany. Current case data is available through the website of the Robert-Koch-Institute: RKI-Fallzahlen in DeutschlandExternal LinkExternal Link

The updated risk-evaluation by RKI for COVID-19 infection in Germany is available here: RKI_Risikobewertung zu COVID-19 für DeutschlandExternal LinkExternal Link




Updates for daily casa numbers worldwide can reviewed here: Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns HopkinsExternal LinkExternal Link



Areas- and Regions at Risk as identified by RKI

An overview of areas- and regions-at-risk is provided here: Robert Koch-Institut_RisikogebieteExternal LinkExternal Link



Travel alerts
If a voyage to an affected country, region, or area is safe can be researched on the website of the of Ministry Foreign Affairs of the German government (Auswärtigen Amtes (AA)):Länderseiten des AA im InternetExternal LinkExternal Link



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