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Struwwelpeter Museum

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Struwwelpeter Museum/ Heinrich-Hoffmann Museum

The museum is dedicated to the Frankfurt physician and poet Heinrich Hoffmann, who achieved world-wide fame with his classic picture book "Der Struwwelpeter" also known as "Shock-headed Peter".

Struwwelpeter © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Photo: Nicole Brevoord

Struwwelpetermuseum © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Photo: Nicole Brevoord
The world of Struwwelpeter and his author Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann (1809-1894) is brought to life in the middle of the New Frankfurt Old Town. The museum moved into its new city-centre location in the summer of 2019. The two original Frankfurt Hoffmann museums merged to form the Hoffmann Museum in Westend in 2007. In its new premises, the Museum commemorates the Frankfurt physician and poet who achieved international fame with his picture-book classic "Der Struwwelpeter". Sketches, portraits, books and documents recount the life of the multitalented and humorous Dr. Hoffmann, whose life's work was dedicated to reforming psychiatry in Frankfurt. Rare hand-coloured original editions, exotic translations, witty parodies, kitsch objects and art works all attest to the astonishing success of "Der Struwwelpeter", first published in 1845.