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Senckenberg Natural History Museum

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Senckenberg Natural History Museum

The Senckenberg Natural History Museum offers one of the most important natural history collections in Europe. It combines family experience, international top level research and education in a unique way.

Natural History Museum Senckenberg © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Photo: Stefan Maurer, KUS

On 6000 square meters the Natural History Museum presents four billion years of earth history and the diversity of life with impressive exhibits: Dinosaurs, fossils from the Messel Pit, evolution of man, rainforest, marine creatures, a walk through the history of the earth, the cycle of water and much more are exhibited in the museum. The various areas of the Senckenberg Natural History Museum contain countless exhibits. Many of them are unique and very rare.


A large area shows the universe from the time of the Big Bang until the birth of our planet. Fossils are also exhibited from the Messel pit, a UNESCO world natural heritage site where most scientific efforts are overseen by the Senckenberg Research Institute. Special exhibitions focus on topics related to nature and the environment. Guided tours and lectures introduce the results of research from the fields of biology, palaeontology and geology in the environment of the respective habitats.


The Senckenberg Natural Research Society is the supporting organisation for the museum and the Senckenberg Research Institute for marine and terrestrial zoology, botany, geology, palaeontology and palaeoanthropology. Its central task is: “To describe, understand and preserve the diversity of life”. In the Natural History Museum Senckenberg they have succeeded impressively in vividly conveying the fascination of the history of our planet to both young and old visitors.


The free Senckenberg app provides new ways of experiencing the exhibitions. The media guide leads visitors to selected highlights of the exhibition and provides visual information with the help of text, audio, graphics and video. All content is available in several different languages.