Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank

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Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Geldmuseum der Deutsche Bundesbank Ausstellungsansicht © Geldmuseum der Deutschen Bundesbank , Photo: Uwe Noelke

The Money Museum brings the world of money alive with interactive exhibits.

How is cash produced? What is book money? How does monetary policy work and what exactly does a central bank do? What role does money play in a globalised world? These and many more money-related questions are answered with the help of eye-catching and incisive exhibits, appealing installations and more than 60 multimedia stations loaded with games and interactive information. The topics are approached from both a current and a historical perspective. In addition, there is a 360° cinema and the chance for visitors to touch a genuine bar of gold.

The exhibition is accessible to persons with disabilities and has been designed in two languages (German and English). Groups can book tours, workshops and lectures on current Topics here.External Link 

Wilhelm-Epstein-Straße 14
60431 Frankfurt am Main