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Jüdisches Museum
Außenansicht Jüdisches Museum © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Photo: Stefan Maurer

Please consider: The Jewish Museum is closed until October 2020 for construction works.


The image of the city of Frankfurt is defined by the contribution of the Jews to culture, science, politics and business. The Jewish Museum in the former Rothschild Palais on Untermainkai devotes itself to the history of the Jewish communities in Frankfurt and Germany. Topics include the beginnings of the Jewish settlement in the 12th century, the struggle for social integration and the new beginnings of Jewish communities after 1945. Basic commodities, as well as cult objects depict everyday life and festivals in the synagogue and at home. 


With the Judengasse Museum on Börneplatz, the Jewish Museum possesses a branch in the historical centre of Jewish life in Frankfurt. The foundation walls of five residential buildings, two ritual baths, two fountains and a canal from the former Judengasse dating from the 15th to the 18th centuries give some indication of how inhabitants lived during this period lasting some 350 years. The website of the Judengasse Museum describes in detail what families lived here and under what conditions they went about their everyday life. Regular, alternating exhibitions in both buildings emphasise particular aspects and supplement the permanent exhibitions.


Municipal museum of the City of Frankfurt
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