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Höchst Porcelain Museum

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Höchst Porcelain Museum

Centrepiece spice container, Photo: Uwe Dettmar
Centrepiece spice container © Historisches Museum Frankfurt am Main , Photo: Uwe Dettmar

The Höchst porcelain manufacturer was founded in Höchst am Main in 1746 under the rule of the Prince-elector of Mainz. “Höchst Porcelain from 1746 to 1796” presents the porcelain of the Porcelain Museum (Porzellan-Museum) in the Kronberger Haus, a branch of the Frankfurt Historical Museum. Here, more than 1,000 pieces such as figurines, dishes and elaborate vases document the history of Germany’s second-oldest porcelain manufacturer from every creative period.


Within this time, its most important master, Johann Peter Melchior, introduced a new epoch in porcelain design. He created plates of the highest standard and figurines of impressive naturalness. His most important group is the “Emperor of China”. The pieces not only provide an insight into art history, but also into the way of life during the Rococo and Classical periods: Festively decorated dinner plates and patterns such as the “Still Life with Fruit and Old Chinese Porcelain” exemplify the dining culture of this time. 


From its collection “Highest Quality and Baroque Ornamentation” the former Hoechst AG company has provided the museum with almost 370 exhibits on permanent loan. Certainly worthy of notice are the exclusive porcelains from the collection of Kurt Bechtold, with well-known figurines and the finest paintings of landscapes, flowers and birds. New pieces are also shown from the period after 1945, when production was resumed.


Municipal museum of the City of Frankfurt
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