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Frankfurt Art Association

Eingang Frankfurter Kunstverein
Entrance Frankfurt Art Association © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Photo: Stefan Maurer, HuS

The Frankfurt Art Association (Frankfurter Kunstverein) is one of the most important exhibition centres for contemporary art, both nationally and internationally. It is a centre for art, and its main goal is presenting thoroughly researched exhibitions that are anchored in the present and first and foremost are based on the development and production of new artistic works and projects. Another concern is promoting the critical discussion of contemporary art. The organisation of regular artist talks, discussions and readings that offer ways of approaching art and its basic motives play a central role in this. 


The Frankfurt Art Association (Frankfurter Kunstverein) has an important social dimension: It wants to awaken curiosity about the future, as well as trust in contemporary artistic production. Therefore the entire programme embraces artists on all different levels: From the “Café in the Art Association”, which was designed by the artists Gorka Eizagirre, Xavi Salaberria and Jakob Kolding, to “10 Reasons to Be a Member” – a room on the building’s ground floor, where visitors are for the first time openly offered an opportunity to consider the history and structure of the building, and up to the new “Deutsche Börse Residency Programme”, which offers a working and living space for two artists or curators in the Art Association building. The desire is to emphasise the meaning of the role of the artist in our society –as producers, thinkers, intermediaries and the ones who still trust themselves to experiment. 


With guided tours, readings, film programmes, symposia, conferences and member trips, the Frankfurt Art Association wants to help make the fascinating terrain of contemporary art accessible to its members and visitors and in general to open itself up to critical dialogue with the exhibitions and current cultural questions. 

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