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Dialogue Museum

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Dialogue Museum

An exhibition to discover the unseen

Dialogue Museum - Dialogmuseum
Dialogue Museum - Dialogmuseum © Dialogmuseum, Photo: Jürgen Roehrscheidt

Blind or visually impaired guides lead the visitors in small groups through a course in absolute darkness. The visitors discover different everyday situations in a new way, e.g. a walk in the park, a stroll through the city or a visit to a café. 


In this darkness the sighted are blind and the guides become the sighted experts and ambassadors of a culture without pictures. This results in a unique change of roles: the senses are sharpened, a dialogue is initiated.


The DialogMuseum is a museum where there is nothing to see, but everything to discover!

An der Hauptwache
B-Ebene (Museum)
60313 Frankfurt am Main
Büro: Schäfergasse 17 60313 Frankfurt am Main